trista80 (trista80) wrote in anti_vector,


My name is Trista, I was conned by Vector when I was 19 into working for them. Unfortunatly I wasnt a student living off mom and dad and looking for beer money (like the rest working there). No I was pretty much starving and looking for any type of work that would pay more than minimum wage. I felt sooo lucky to have been picked from all those people to work for them. I scrounged up $150 for my demo kit and even though I didnt have a car I hit the pavement. One problem, my family is poor. My aunts each bought a paring knife for $70 each and gave me as many refrences as they could. I felt like a parasite. I'd go to their houses ffor demos and just looked around their cozy little houses with tv's from the 70- early 80's and just knew I was using their love for me to get $15 a demo. I felt awful. I knew no one could afford this shit. So I quit and kept my knives. They dont keep as sharp as they claim, in fact once during a demo when I was cutting the penny I chipped a tooth off my scissors. Lame.
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