aeternam18 (aeternam18) wrote in anti_vector,

My Past Experiences

Well, just liek everyone else I too did get sucked into Vector. To make a long story short there were many promises but many, if not all, of them were empty. The biggest of which was the promise of a bonus for getting a certain number of points in leads. Well, in case you don't know: the idea was that every 10 leads you get from one person equals one point and when you get a certain number of points you got a $100 bonus in cash. Well according to my branch, even directories count as leads. Well, knowing this and the bonus opportunity I decided to use thsi to my advantage. When I gave my mom her demo she gave me 2 different school directories, another church directory and one or two others. Well, this got me enough points for up to $700. let's just say that after trying to get this bonus out of my manager for a month he then tried convincing me that the money was in free Cutco. OK, i can deal with that, knives are fun. But then, after I placed my order it just kinda got lost never to be seen again. *cough* ASSHOLE *cough*

Also, I technically got "fired" from my branch. Reason being (oh, this is a big one, you'd better sit down): I didn't say "Hi" to my manager when I went in to drop off an order form. Aparently, this makes me a "not good' person and someone that is a bad influence on the positive outlook of his employees. I'm sorry, but when I'm running late for my brothers confirmation, one in which I am his sponsor, I think that holds priority!

I hate Vector, every inch of them. They were a waste of my time and had I actually done as many demos as they said I could I would have failed that semester at school. Oh yea, a real school friendly job. OH YEA! you know how they call you right? Well, I was sitting in a theater watching the "Larimy Project" (however you spell that) and unfortunatelly I forgot to turn off my phone. Well, it rang, I quickly heard it and when I hit it in my pocket it picked up. I could just make out my manager talking. Anyways, I hung it up, and before I coudl silence it SHE CALLED AGAIN! WTF!?!?!?!? Ok, people, dont' call me. This is my PRIVATE LINE. If you want to do buisness then give me hours to come in that you are paying me. If I'm an independant contractor why do I have to go to a meeting every week?

Also, the advertising. Well, my branch actually did the illegal move at solicitingon peoples cars. Yea, the whoel running around parking lots away from police to put little cards on peoples cars. Yea.....let's do illegal things in addittion to the higher ups not paying taxes.

Ok, I'm done venting, Has anyone else had that same "firing" experience?
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