<3 Old School White Boys (oswb) wrote in anti_vector,
<3 Old School White Boys

my vector experience

so, i applied to vetcor online. they called me the next day, that was abnormal for me. all the jobs i've had, wouldn't recommend me for shit. and i went for a interview, all the applicants sat in a waiting room there were about 14 at the time, but they said they only needed 2 people, everyone that came out of that room had a vector pamplet, which means they were hired. and at the 3-day seminar there were over 30 people...although they were only hiring two people...right! they were freakishly nice, and they talked about weekly meetings and phone calls. and then they threw the pitch. and said we'd need to come with $144 for the sample kit whether we borrowed it or not, because they needed a deposit. they almost got the cash too, but i posted on my old lj that i got a job at vector...and my friend commented telling me she used to work there and it was a scam. call those bitches up and told them to suck a dick.
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