Missa (fungusinmymilk) wrote in anti_vector,

Glad I found this Community....

My name is Melissa, I live in Oregon, go to school at PCC Sylvania.... I was walking to class, and this guy stops me and asks "You need a job?" "YES! DESPERATELY!!" he tells me it's a job in marketing "Oh really? I do a little bit of marketing." I fill out a form, hand it to him, he doesn't even look at it and says "You application looks great, are you free to come in for an interview at 5:30?" I say yes, he gives me the directions.... I get there, yall know how the process works. I was amazed, I thought it was awesome. Then he calls me into his office, and I totally land the job. he says he loves my possitive attitude and he likes that I already have some experience in marketing. I was really excited then I started to wonder... How the hell am I going to set up appointments with people I don't even know?? I am in such desperate need of money right now, and I was so excited, but I can't believe all the things I just read on this community alone not to mention some of my friends have already said things about cutco and vector that aren't good. *sigh* Well thanks for the info... now what do I say to Vector to get out of it... I hate being mean... That's why I thought I was good for this job. Cuz I'm happy and nice and smiley and perky... *glares* I'm gonna kick that guy in the balls...
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