The Wiz Kid (chron_i) wrote in anti_vector,
The Wiz Kid

Just Joined

I gotta say I'm surprised that the last entry was in Augst (not). Looks like most of you are running off of the steam from Vector's shady past. I find it funny once the company is considered bad it's product is immediatly considered horrific.

I'm not gonna say much, though I'll be expecting quite a bit of flamming from you guys
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Not that the product is horriffic, but it really isn't that high of quality, and you can't tell me they don't overcharge out the wazoo.

I don't see how you can say the last entry was in August, though.
well the one right before was october, it's sort of a gap that's all.
Yeah. I don't promote the community too much, so we don't really get many new members, and that's part of it. But I'm also in a group over on Yahoo, so what I do is done with them.
Let's not forget that Vector recruits about 10 times more in the summer than in the fall, so in the summer there will be about 10 times more anti-Vector chatter because of all the extra recruiting Vector does then. Once school starts up Vector recruits nowhere near as much, so of course there isn't going to be as many posts.