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Will I get fired for this?

Hey all, I'm brand-new to the Vector/Cutco. team, and I'm quickly discovering the downside to this job.
First off, I have to say that I do love the knives, but I think my job is in jeopardy. When I had the first interview, I stated that I do not have access to a car, but dodged the bullet by saying I know the local bus routes. Of course I was excited when I was hired, but training was a total bitch. I was astounded at the amount the manager has bagered us to sell. I come from a small family, and only have two or three contacts where I'm living. Most of my fellow trainees seemed to know millions of people, whereas the people I know aren't MACs, in fact, they're as far from MACs as you can get. My manager's a bit of a bitch, and I'm wondering if I'll get canned for not having contacts to bug. At least I have my kit (I'm keeping it, it's worth the $148), but by the last day of training I was having fantasies about doing nasty things to my manager with the knives. And I'm pissed that you don't get paid for training, about every other job out there at least has paid training. I'm looking for a second job, since I doubt this job will yeild much money.
P.S., I don't drive because I have Asperger's Syndrome, and get incredibly nervous behind the wheel. I also have poor depth perception. Getting hired was a miracle in itself, since I used to be extremely shy and terrified of direct eye contact.
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