Vicky (whitechristmas) wrote in anti_vector,

Hello to all Vector victims ~

Is there still a message board for all the Vector victims to rant how much Vector has wasted their time and money and still continue to do so right now?

Any active discussions about this problem online?

I am ashamed to say that I was a victim when I attended to their job interview yesterday.  Long story short, I went out part skeptical and part content that I was hired.

I talked to my mom the following night and she told me not go to to the training the next day.  I was lucky enough to do serious research online to find out that this company has been scamming every students in America ...

I just want to say that there should be more actions to stop this company and I want to know

how did they get my address the first place?

Vector sent me a letter last year when I just graduated from my high school.  How did they get my address?

I think there should be more to deal with this problem, such as telling students in high school what this company really is and distrubute flyers and all sorts of stuff.

I didn't go to the training today which was 8am to 5pm.  Not getting paid during the training was one thing but having to pay an expensive sample kit made me question the job.  Around 9am, the manager Chris Sierra called my cell phone to ask why I wasn't at the training.  He left a voice mail and wanted me to call him back.

I think Vector's goal is to hire all the students in America and possible the whole world.
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