antiscam (antiscam) wrote in anti_vector,

New Henckels Ad is Misleading

Anybody else find it odd that Vector decided to compare the price of a 23 pc set of Henckels Professional Series knives to their 18 pc Cutco Homemaker 8 Set at $1,562.00, and $999.95 on sale when Henckels makes an 18 pc Professional Series Set as well selling at $848.00 retail and $479.99 on sale:
(check around, no one sells it at retail price and you won't find it going for over $500 anywhere)

Heck, even a 20 pc set of Henckels Professional Series goes for $599.99 on sale:
Remember the 18 pc Cutco Homemaker +8 set is now selling at $840!

It's pretty obvious Vector looked around and came to the simple conclusion that Henckels is cheaper, so they went with an ad for a set that has 5 more pieces (that's 27% more pieces) than their Homemaker +8. A better comparison to the Henckels 23 pc set is the Cutco Ultimate set, but that's $1600

You didn't expect Vector to actually not mislead their customers or recruits, did you?
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