Michael R. Giusti (mte) wrote in anti_vector,
Michael R. Giusti

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vector <3's deep-seeded materialism

Has anyone noticed just how intensely anyone associated with Vector LOVES their knives?

Even cocaine drug lords know not to indulge in their own product that much. I know that line sounds like a joke. But seriously-- what trickery is it when you make someone fall in love with a material item?

In the words of KRS-One:

"Ya know, a lot of people believe that that word Love is real soft, but when you use it in your vocabulary like you're addicted to it, it sneaks right up and takes you right out. out. out. out. out. So, for future reference remember it's alright to like or want a material item, but when you fall in love with it and you start scheming and carrying on for it, just remember, it's gonna get'cha."
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