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This was posted somewhere else a few months ago

"Hello to all of you upset former employees. Let me introduce myself. My name is Trevor Bailey and I am a former Cutco Team Manager in Fort Worth, TX. Unlike most managers, I came to Cutco after I recieved my Bachelor's Degree at Texas Christian University in Marketing. I had all the proper and necessary training skills needed for the new Cutco office in down town Fort Worth. I will admit that I did not recieve the job through applying because as you all know nearly every manager was a sales rep at some point. My uncle happened to be friends with the District Manager John C. Rodgers. I will not drag this out any longer, I spoke with John and he immediatley offered me the position as manager for the new office.

I had to go through 2 weeks of NOT PAID training. But John would always joke that it did not matter because the "guppies" (thats what he called the new recruits) would bring me all the money I needed. He said it was very important that I recruit as many "guppies" has possible in a fast amount of time. This quickly seemed odd to me. Every time I had a question about the selling tactics he would say " how bad do you want this job?" I said alright I will just go with it. And yes my office was a run down rental with that same music blaring. They actually put in trophies from old boxes. The whole place just had a stale, corrupt smell to it. During training I was always taught to "sell the job". Ofcourse the money came rolling in about as fast as I had to replace these poor kids. I will tell you this: as manager I earned 45-65 percent from all the recruiting. Which I know now is totally outrageous.

For those of you who are interested in knowing about the so called "physcological tricks" Cutco provides...yes it is true. One whole day of my training was dedicated to providing some quick and easy ways to find recruits. Such as: vague ads, music, rejection applications, reps posing as new applicants, eye contact, luring college kids due to money and flexible schedule. The single most biggest physcological lesson was this pure and simple : MAKE THE KIDS FEEL SPECIAL. Make them think they are the only qualified people for the job. As for the other scams they include : the "JumpStart" (use the kids in 2 weeks then once they quit you atleast have what they sold), Henckles 5 star AD is addes up piece by piece and I found it online for around 449, unpaid training, long hours, no pay for gas, clothing, and phone calls, it truley is door to door selling, vague phone conversations, daily office check ins, you have to pay for conferences, high pressure selling, etc. After seeing these young people's faces light up time after time I said they are hired...I just felt so guilty and put in my resignation only 4 months later.

This was all only about 2 months ago. I just now stumbled upon this site out of curiosity and wish I had much earlier. Yes nearly every rumor about Cutco is true. That may not make it illegal but it does make it unethical and wrong. Please do not fall for this pyramid scheme it is not worth it. Cutco is practically a cult and it takes over your life. I feel so much better now that I am with a real company ( and by the way, if you have ever worked for a large honest company then you know they have no respect for Cutco whatsoever its quite funny, Cutco is frowned upon by the real big industries as nothing significant ) I now work for Boeing as a sales director and I have to say I love it. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE CUTCO ADS THEY ARE A SCAM. PLEASE DO NOT WORK FOR CUTCO YOU ARE TRULEY A BETTER PERSON THAN THAT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME I HOPE I HELPED. my personal email is I encourage your reply to this message, please if you have any questions regarding management just ask!"
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